1. jmzcrown

    Tutorial resources 1602A LCD ARDUINO without Potentiometer

    OUTPUT: Download Code
  2. jmzcrown

    Tutorial resources Arduino-based DIY Nitrox Analyzer

    Latest (and hopefully last) iteration of my DIY analyzer. I integrated the sensor and sampler into the case but still retained the external sensor input. Now I have 3 working versions but one sensor only. GitHub link: YouTube...
  3. jmzcrown

    Tutorial PC & Laptop Time Bomb using Arduino

    Bored? make a timebomb ? not bomb actually just a led but same concept hahahaha // PWM Pins are connected to the 7 segments of the display. const int buzzer = A0; //buzzer to arduino pin 13 int pinA = 13; int pinB = 12; int pinC = 11; int pinD = 10; int pinE = 9; int pinF = 8; int pinG =...

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