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    Direct Link Hotlist My list of Bug Bounty Programs 2021 - (Updated: 04/09/2021)

    This is a list of Bug Bounty programs and where to get more information to make a responsible disclosure and make profit. HTTP://about.pinterest.com/terms/responsible-disclosure/ HTTP://activeprospect.com/security/ HTTP://amara.org/en/security HTTP://automattic.com/security/...
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    Android AndroBugs Framework

    Androbug framework is used to check the android apps vulnerabilities to find bugs in android application. *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! ***
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    Tutorial IOS How To Force Restart the iPhone X When It's Acting Up

    *** Hidden text: You do not have sufficient rights to view the hidden text. Visit the forum thread! *** The iPhone X should boot up as normal, will all valuable data still intact. From there, you could further troubleshoot to find out the root of the problem. While problems that necessitate...
  4. D

    Suggestion Mga admin Pabawas ng animation

    Masyadong madaming animation kaya di maiwasan mga Glitch...
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    Tutorial Tips for Bugging Globe (Globe ONLY)

    1. Registered to GOCOMBOAKFA31. You can go higher if you're willing to risk. 2. Used all the 800mb(Data allocation), when capped use this trick(no.3) 3. Redeem or registered to this promo GSURF5 4. Then, try to start watching YôùTùbé, when you're already consumed more than 5mb and still kicking...
  6. Y

    Globe & TM Tutorial Tips for Bugging ebolG (EBOLG ONLY)

    -=Stripped Content=- NOTE: I already used this bugged for almost 3 months then it was being detected and now it came back. But not this tricks. The promo I reg was capped so I used the step 3 and boom success. Why don't you try? Thanks sayu tol @XxGiGxX for the tip ©xtiAnvel
  7. S


    REQUIREMENTS: 149 load 8 points to redeem Feel free to try!!! Process 1. Register to GOTSCOMBOAKFB59 2. download, browse, Stream as many as you want until it txt you 2x in a row like "your data from your supersurf promo is unussually high. blah blah" 3. Reedeem Surf1d by texting REDEEM SURF1D...
  8. R

    Help Daftar Bug domain 2018, silahkan di coba

    bug domain iflix apiproxy.iflix.com vcds-szb002-tm-002.iflix.com play.iflix.com www.iflix.com kube-aws-apps-staging.iflix.com i18n.iflix.com vcds-szb001-myix-001.iflix.com data.iflix.com wallet.iflix.com static.iflix.com vcds-krt001-zain-001.iflix.com git.iflix.com express-test.iflix.com...
  9. Nicolephil11

    Help Cracker title bug(Admins pls read)

    Mga admins pa fix po may nag send sakin ng trophy na ganito pero di pa ako cracker sana ma fix to or pm nyoko mga boss. Kala ko cracker na ako eh excited na excited pa ako haha
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    Extended Layers On Posting Thread

    Check the picture bellow
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    Bug Detected

    Error on coding Check this out

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