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    Trivia ✳️ How to Open any Website on Chrome via Command Prompt [Like a Hacker]

    ? So, let’s check out how to open Google Chrome from Windows 10 Command Prompt. ? Step 1: First of all, search for CMD on the Start menu. Right-click on the CMD and select ‘Run as administrator’ ? Step 2: This will open the Command Prompt utility. ? Step 3: On the Command Prompt utility...
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    PC & Laptop Trivia Nulled A number of Cool CMD Tricks

    -See users via Cmd: Net user -Make a new user via Cmd: net user (USER) (PASS) / add - Accessing the user via Cmd: net localgroup administrators (USER) / add - View the latest admin login to the server via Cmd: quser - Delete the user via Cmd: net user (USER) / delete -Change the user's...
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    Tutorial PC & Laptop How to send messages using CMD

    1. Because net send was no longer supported, we will use MSG.exe. We will find out the manual how to use MSG.exe by typing msg in our command prompt. 2. The basic command to send message is as follows msg /SERVER : pc_name session_name your_message 3. To find out pc_name, we can open RUN and...