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    1. Ehi Globe No Load Beta Test Open For All Members

      💯New Ehi Update💯 💯Valid For 20Days💯 💯Open For Wifi💯 For 💯Globe No Load Beta Test💯 ❌Block For❌ ❌Rooted❌ ❌[email protected]!ng❌ ❌Torrent❌ ❌❌ ❌Spamming❌ Note: This Is Beta Test Kaya Wag Mag Expect Kung Gagana Sa No Load Yung Ibang InFo Nasa Ehi Thank You
    2. Ehi 30 days gowatch🔥 + low ping for gaming⚡

      Update update ☣️Connect using Gowatch ☣️ ⚫Premium server ⚫ Premium ssh ☢️Unang mauubos ang gowatch ☢️ ⚡13 mbps⚡ ☣️LOW PING ☣️ ⏩GOOD FOR ➡️Downloading ⚡ ➡️Gaming ⚡ ➡️Streaming ⚡ ➡️Browsing ⚡ ➡️YouTube(no buff)⚡ Link:
    3. Ehi 30 days gowatch ehi + low ping for gaming

      Update update ☣️Connect using Gowatch ☣️ ⚫Premium server ⚫ Premium ssh ☢️Unang mauubos ang gowatch ☢️ ⚡13 mbps⚡ ☣️LOW PING☣️ ⏩GOOD FOR ➡️Browsing⚡ ➡️Downloading⚡ ➡️Gaming ⚡ ➡️Streaming⚡ ➡️YouTube(no buff)⚡ Link: https://Please use 👉 1548653652 Wrong link ito yung tunay na Link...
    4. EZ Connect VPN Release

      EZ CONNECT VPN Features: Custom Payload Online Update Network Selection FREE SERVER Create at at X-PH Server. PREMIUM SERVER Only 1 server available at the moment create at with the promo code 30DaysInviteCode to register 30 days. Must Do Online Update (need...
    5. Help My Sun cannot send any form of Messages.

      Hello good Day ka PH crakers. Kayo ba den ay nakararanas ng ganito? Hindi makasend ng mga messages, di mkapag Roam on & Roam off sa 222? Na sucked ba mga regular loads nyo? Well same here den po. Sa mga mababait at busilak ang loob patulong to fix po salamat ng marame.
    6. ronel24

      Tutorial Free LOAD Online For All Networks

      Get Free LOAD Online Learn Here -
    7. Tutorial Hunting Payload on GTM!!!

      Mga Bossing na mababait please tell me po panu to please. Hays almost 3 days arranging a perfect recipe in HTTP injector. Sana matulungan nyo po ako.
    8. Radj

      Globe & TM Tricks for Globe GoWatch to Convert into Internet Data

      Para sa mga Globe Prepaid Home WiFi users na may GOSURF50 subscription at FREE GoWatch (2G YouTube allocation), pwedeng nang makagbrowse, FB, chat, etc. gamit ang ShareVPN, LibreVPN at Http Injector (with ehi na GoWatch). Note: Ubusin muna ang 1G allocation sa GOSURF50. VPN: ShareVPN WiFi...
    9. Radj

      Globe & TM Connected ShareVPN + WiFi

      Yun oh, connected Ako! Paano? Eto gamit ko. VPN: ShareVPN WiFi: Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi Promo: GOSURF50 at HOMESURF15 Payload (ShareVPN): Globe GSwitch Note: Ubos na ang 1GB data allocation at 2GB YouTube allocation ng GOSURF50. Ubos na din ang 1G data allocation ng HOMESURF15.
    10. Ehi DailyDose GTM No Load Pasok!

      Daily Dose HTTP Injector 💉💉 (11-03-18) 🌏 Globe No Promo No Load Needed ♨️ Fresh Ehi (7 Days Expiry) 🇸🇬 Singapore Server Good for: ✔ Heavy Downloading ✔ Fast Browsing ✔ Youtube Streaming 1080p60 ✔ Online Games (MOBA) Blocked for Rooted Devices 🚫 No Torrent
    11. Ehi GTM NO LOAD! FAST CONNECT! NEW PAYLOAD! Feeback kung working sa inyo :giggle: Blocked sa rooted! Play safe nalang muna :ROFLMAO:
    12. Ehi Lapit mga Kaibigan at Makinig kayo

      Hello to the Group. Globe&TM no load working sa ngayun. Share ko lang po itong blessing mula sa ating mga Hokage dito sa group lalo na kay sir @BADBOX Mga Bulag dito sa group pwede den po sa inyo ito. Share the love to others po.
    13. Smart, TNT & Sun Guys Trade my 300 tnt load to Sun load. + Ehi

      GOOD PM ka PHc Trade po sa gusto mga ka tropa. May load po ako na 300 sa TNT at gusto ko makipag palit Thru Sun load. #Respect Salamat po.
    14. 🆈📧ⓢ♄🅰🆈ƱⓃ

      Vpn SlowDns working in Globe...

      Same as SkyVpn... Working din c SlowDns ky globe... Just text SURFALERT ON send to 8080... Have 10php 0r 5php load... Dont wori paps... di po yan mawawala... Dpende nlng pag pagexpired na load mo... Same lang din kay SkyVPN.... Need naka Surfalert On ka muna... Dpat nka off data mo bago ka...