1. R

    Trivia Hello; Welcome to me here

    Magandang araw sainyo.. Noobie here hehe
  2. Z

    Help newbie hi po!!!

    hi po pano po gumagana mga phc pts dito?
  3. WizKhalifaX

    Help Hello, Newbie Here [Also Need Help And Guide]

    Hello po bago lng po ako dito, ask ko lng po pano po ba eh darkmode yung site? tapos paano po palitan yung avatar ko??
  4. R

    Trivia newbies po dito

    hi po sa lahat ako si rexelens.bagong bago lang dito sana welcome ako dito.... salamat sa lahat ng admin/staffs.
  5. A

    Poll Newbie Here..

    Newbie here.. Hope it will help this forum to my needs.. Thank you..
  6. R

    Trivia Hello! Newbie Here

    Pa welcome naman :) -RyzenV
  7. S

    Help Suggestion Newbie po hehe

    Newbiee lng po hege
  8. P

    Help Noobie here. sana welcome

    Hi guys. bagohan lang po.sana marami ako matutunan dito at share ko din naman knowledge ko. hehehe
  9. J

    Help Newbie here Pa help po.

    Panu ba mag pa stab dito? Error kasi yung rules link at how to stab. Kaya di ko mabasa. Or baka mahina lang ata net ko. Salamat sa sagot
  10. W

    Request Hi im newbie salamat sainyo

    Hi im watawat thanks for dis site
  11. Y

    Tutorial Introducing my self.

    Hi thanks for welcoming me here, hope that you'll take care of me. ?
  12. C

    Solved Hi sa lahat nang crackers

    Sana welcome ako dito..:) sana marami mako matutunan dito:)
  13. Kaceron

    Help Baguhang Miyembro He

    Hello! Ako nga pala si Kaceron, baguhan lang dito sa Forum. Any suggestion or advice para tumagal at makatulong dito? Salamat! :-)
  14. M

    Help Newbie lang po sana maging estab naku

    Hoping to be established someday. ?
  15. G

    Help Kpn tunnel rev. Connection Timed out

    I keep getting this error when I'm using my KPN tunnel REV app. Any idea how to resolve? (07:53:03) Handshaking SSL Connection (07:53:12) [SSH Tunnel] Exception: The connect timeout expired Other information: I made a SSH STUNNEL account on I feel like it's something with the...

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