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    netflix Médìa ✨ Netflix announces free subscription for 2 days in India, no Cärd details required ✨

    The Streamfest will go live in India on December 5 and will be valid till December 6.
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    Trivia Google is postponing Android 11 beta event due to protests in the US

    Originally, the unveiling of the Android 11 was destined for June 3rd 2020, but that won't be the case anymore. Google is postponing Android 11 beta event. Although no exact reason was mentioned on the Android Developer site for this sudden postponing of the virtual event where Google was to...
  3. NustyMact

    Game Status Update Summmertime Saga

    Status update about the v0.16 ---------------------------------------- 0.16 Status update! Status update: Just giving everyone some news on the development. As you can see from the progress bar, we're doing well so far and work is steady. Roxxy's update looks like it will have quite a bit...

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