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    1. Help How to make Open vpn ?

      Paano tamang pag setup tu50 promo po and script nadin baka meron po kayo forum ? help me po paano gumawa :( PC version
    2. Vpn Working OVPN Config For Sun!!!

      Good day mga ka Crackers!share ko lang po itong ginawa kong vpn config para po sa lahat! Need CTC Promo po thank you po! Enjoy po!(y)(y)(y)
    3. TACS SUKI

      Tutorial OpenVPN Payload/Headers good for those ovpn users (good for ios/loptop/pc/android)

      Hello guys, at sa mga nakakakilala pasakin dyan hello sa inyo so, ito dinako marunong mag intro haha. salpak nyu nalang tong header sa mga ovpn nyo lalu na mga ios at pc/loptop user na mahilig din mag games. for now spoiler momuna na natin [/SPOILER] and ayan na ! try nyo na i connect...
    4. Vpn PH Server OVPN from TCPVPN for TU50

      Try mo lang sa games or Mobile Legend kung ok sa area mo. Download Link: Credits sa owner!
    5. Vpn PH Server OVPN from TCPVPN for TU50

      Try mo lang sa games or Mobile Legend kung ok sa area mo. Download Link: Credits sa owner!
    6. Newdi VPN w/ Digital Ocean Servers

      Newdi VPN update [1|15|19] what's new? -new fresh servers from DO -payload generator injection method [normal/front/back] -new server encryption -clean UI -new payloads GTM✓ SUN✓ SMART✓ TNT✓ New server will release tomorrow. Link: Newdi_VPN Update[1-16-19].apk or (not updated)...
    7. .ovpn ALLNETWORK CONFIG paki try

      Mga sire pasubok neto ovpn config for allnetwork Paki feedback mga sire at hit ng (y) button Credits to trinityvpn para sa server Link here:CLICK ME
    8. DonG KolinZ

      Vpn Tu50 & Up [ .hnh, .hpi, .svl, .ovpn ] Sg/Do servers

      *For PC* Wala nang paligoy ligoy pa Para sa mga Sun TU50 promo and Up users Expires January 10, sa sunod na Taon Fast connect Low ping Http Net Header Link: App Download Link =Server 1= =Server 2= =Server 3= =Server 4= =Server 5= =Server 6= =Server 7= Http Proxy Injector Link...
    9. JohnRoe

      .ovpn Sun TU60 and up. iOS and Android

      So guys. May nagawa akong medyo mabilis sa both streaming and gaming. Wag lang po mag torrent para tatagal to. Thanks. Pafeedback nadin. | Dec5-iOSconfig-TU50.ovpn
    10. .ovpn ML10 & IG10 ovpn config here

      eto update na mga ka PH Cracker . enjoy po . feedback lang ito na po user at pass mapa IG10 o Ml10 na config . 7 days po yan Username : Password : ig10 ML10 Download abotchiki-ML10.ovpn IG10
    11. .ovpn IG10 pasok . ehi . ovpn here

      try nyo tong ehi at ovpn config ko mga ka crackers hehehe enjoy po .. feedback nalang po. 1542763154 pa extract nalang d ko ma post e
    12. Help about Creating ovpn on vpnjantit

      penge naman po ng sample na gawang ovpn galing vpnjantit di kasi ako makaconnect eh Sun user
    13. TACS SUKI

      Tutorial OVPN HEADERS for OpenVPN Begginers (PC/IOS/ANDROD)

      What's up everyone MahName is @TACS SUKI It's been a long time since i created a thread related to freenet. so starting to day all of my posts related to FREENET will be posted in this FORUM(ONLY)hahaha ! in this thread i will give you a http header that compatible for both OpenVPN Connect...

      papaestab po ang ts nyo. hehehe comment your desire username and password :) free!! only here in phcracker panel's username and password will be release soon! (paestab ako mga sir huhuu)
    15. Tutorial Sun TU Promo Connected!!!

      Good Day guys tonight im gonna share to you a video tutorial about Sun's Promo which is TU that truly works on here. Watch the tutorial and you will gey a Payload that i used and also the contents inside the ovpn file is also included.