1. ╰☆☆ ᗩ𝐫丨m𝓢๏l𝔞Vs1➃30 ☆☆╮

    Tutorial Google Photos transfer tool for facebook is now available for users in the US

    For those who are in regions where this tool is already made available, to access the feature, proceed as follows; Step 1: Log in to your facebook account and click on the dropdown menu. Got to "Settings & Privacy. Step 2: Next, under Settings and privacy, go to settings Step 3: Under...
  2. Tutorial Médìa Download Paid Premium Stock Photos for Free

    Ever wanted to download stock photos for your assignments or projects? May it be in school or work, we all need some good quality stock photos for our presentations. Fear not my friends! For I have the best solution for you! And it's totally FREE! Yes, free! These are the current sites that are...

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