1. nomlapitan

    Tools Registration FORM with Email Validation | PHP | NOM | COLORLIB

    Registration Form with Email Validation UI Templates by: Colorlib - PHP Functions Written by: Nom ✔️ Written in PHP ✔️ FREE just don't Remove the credits(wag kayong hangal) ✔️ Working on localhost (configure mo lang ng maayos yung Xampp mo) ✔️...
  2. ╰☆☆ ᗩ𝐫丨m𝓢๏l𝔞Vs1➃30 ☆☆╮

    Tutorial resources 700 Php Websites And Scripts

    File type: .zip File size: 153MB File source: DROPBOX LIST OF SCRIPTS Actualanalyzer Pro v6.51 Php Null ActualAnalyzer.PRO.Skins.PHP.NULL ActualAnalyzer.PRO.v6.51.With_Real_Refferal_Link.PHP Ad.master.v2.3.5.null adcenter2000_Nullified adcycle117_with_serial admaster1.0 adrotator...
  3. jmzcrown

    resources Sari Sari Store System Php

    My Sari sari store system free source code is a store requires little investment since the product are cheap and only a few modifications on one side of a house are needed to convert it to a sari-sari store . A basic food item like sugar, coffee, rice, noodles, cooking condiments and other...
  4. Am4r4

    resources Simple Daily Time Record using PHP

    Share ko lang to gawang kong daily time record via php. e2 yong github view nyo nalang andito na din ang mga features tsaka demo. View Github
  5. jmzcrown

    Hotlist Student Clearance System

    A student clearance system built for schools to issue barcode to the student as a means for checking whether a student has paid or not.The admin is responsible for creating users and students as well as managing the whole affairs of the school. Every user must log in to access the system. I am...
  6. jmzcrown

    resources Elearning System for Filipino Subject using PHP and MySQL

    Elearning System for Filipino Subject using PHP and MySQL Database schema tbllogin(id, username, password, email, accounttype(admin,student)) tblstudent(id, firstname, middlename, lastname, loginid) tbllesson(id, topicname, yunit(yunit1, yunit2, yunit3, yunit4), contents, pdf) tblquiz(id...

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