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    Contains PDF's for many programming language , Hope it helps
  2. G

    Suggestion Full range of IT services. Websites, scripts, software and much more.

    The team consists of professionals working in the it field for more than 8 years. they work with us because we are regularly online, do quality work, meet deadlines and protect our reputation. What are we doing? admin panels, services; Landing Page; programming, python, Php, html, css; web...
  3. N

    Help account checker script

    How I can create a script that checks premium accounts on different sites?
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    Tutorial Make An EMail Bomber Using Simple PHP And HTML

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  5. Am4r4

    Tools Simple Javascript datetimepicker

    gusto ko lang e share tong datetimepicker na gawa ko using javascript. Pwede nyo din kunan ng idea kung gusto nyong gumawa ng sarili nyong datetimepicker :) Datetimepicker Link
  6. S

    Help Client+Server / Visual Studio 2008

    Good morning mga paps . Hello sa mga mamaw jan , patulong naman baka may link kayo jan about sa client/server ng visual studio . Puro lang kasi chat / message lang nasa youtube . Plano ko sana yung maa access yung database mula sa server gamit ang client . Attendance system with RFID gagawin...
  7. lolopopo

    Help Help po Help Po mga crackers programmers

    Anu po in demand languages ngaun for work? Para mapag aralan hirap kase ehh
  8. R

    Android Studio direct download link

    Android Studio Android Studio is the official integrated development environment (IDE) for Google's Android operating system, built on JetBrains' IntelliJ IDEA software and designed specifically for Android development.It is available for download on Windows, macOS and Linux based operating...
  9. R

    VISUAL STUDIO 2010/ 2013 / 2017 & Visual Basic 6.0 Download Link Free

    Hi guys, share ko lang yung mga link na pwedeng ma download yung Visual Studio at Visual Basic. Kung bago palang po kau sa programming ng vbnet/vb at panay hanap kau ng link kung san pwede maka Download ng mga compiler. eto napo sagot sa tanong nyu :) Visual Studio Express 2010 Edition...