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  1. Tutorial PC & Laptop How toTransfer Móvìes,Music and Data Between Two Laptops Using WiFi

    Instructions for Sharing Data Between Two Computers/Laptop Using Minishare Software 1. Download, install and open Minishare Software in your PC. Choose your Local IP.(eg: 192.1168.137.1) Select Local IP in Your Window Computer 2. Add Files in Minishare for Sharing Files between Two...
  2. Tutorial L2TP SUN TU/CTU/CTC/FLP

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    Direct Link Tools Checked dns singapore change your dns

    LocationSoftware / VersionChecked atStateReliabilityWhois119.75.32.114Singapore7 minutes ago valid100 %Whois203.126.107.195Singapore7 minutes ago valid99 %Whois61.47.7.16 7 minutes ago valid100 %Whois203.120.117.37 Microsoft DNS 6.1.7601...
  4. Ehi Smart, TNT & Sun Mga hito for t*rr*nt set up for sun tu promo

    Hito tikman nyo mga paps kung hataw ba sa t*rr*nt hehehe my link?