1. Vpn How to make VPN No Load : Behind https Proxy & SOCKS Proxy in your VPN [FOR Android Developer Only]

    Warning! This is for experiment only base on my experience. Here we go! Go to your src code of your vpn. Fine your app folder then create pagkatapos ito ang ilalagay https Proxy Code below : org.gradle.daemon = true systemProp.https.proxyHost = IP systemProp.https.proxyPort =...
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    Hotlist SNFX VPN : Undetected Server 100% 3 months FREE account for all

    How to connect? 1. Go to menu and select network mode then select network 1 2. Choose your payload network 3. type the username & password below user : thisisfree pass : notforsale 4. connect Done! Download Links: SmartNetFiberX.apk SmartNetFiberX.apk PS: Backup your original SNFX VPN...