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    1. ✫ ℙ ℍ ℂ ℝ 𝔸 𝔻 ℤ ✫


      SUN IS NOT DEAD!!! Good news everyone VPNJANTIT WEB is now fully updated :) we can create our own SSH/SSL for 3 and 7 days For free and also Private account/full speed premium account for only 1$ monthly maximum of two users per account with lowping gaming server so affordable! what are you...
    2. Tutorial How to unlock your phone without loosing data

      Requirements: Aroma File Manager +A memory card for device. +Your android device must be either locked by pattern lock or password lock. How To? 1. After you download “Aroma File Manager” place it in your card [SD CARD] Insert card into your locked android device. 2. Open Stock Recovery...
    3. ✫ ℙ ℍ ℂ ℝ 𝔸 𝔻 ℤ ✫

      Tutorial How to generate http injector payload based on host's response header

      Good day PHC! Today I will share the way kung pano ako gumagawa ng payload. Requirements: Talas ng Isip Mahabang pasensya Notes: Host URL used in this example is google based. SIM used: TM (no regular load and promo) APN used: Default Okay, since alam niyo na ang pinaka basic sa paggawa ng...
    4. Help Sun Unblocking solution.

      Hello Good AM po. Mga ka PHcrackers baka po my tricks kayo na ma avoid ang blocking ni Sun kahit want to sawa ang net mo. Baka may mga way kayo para di ma block please help po. Maya't maya ang blocking sakin ni sun ehhh.
    5. TACS SUKI

      Tutorial OVPN HEADERS for OpenVPN Begginers (PC/IOS/ANDROD)

      What's up everyone MahName is @TACS SUKI It's been a long time since i created a thread related to freenet. so starting to day all of my posts related to FREENET will be posted in this FORUM(ONLY)hahaha ! in this thread i will give you a http header that compatible for both OpenVPN Connect...
    6. Arimsolavs1430


      Complete set-up for GTM noload only I will make HPI config Tutorial for other network if I have a time next time by : Arimsolavs1430
    7. Help Sir may bagong ehi opner na po ba?

      sir pahinge naman po ehi opener build 82 yung bago po sir salamat po
    8. Waktu

      Help Google play refund tricks

      Kung sino man po marunong mag refund sa google play store, pa help naman po. TIA
    9. Tutorial USB Password Stealer Virus

      Y'all wanna try and make a USB password stealer trojan try this I may not be perfect but try it tutorial on how to make a USB stealer. Basically with a functional stealer you can plug it into any persons PC and steal all their saved passwords, etc. No need for: -Hosting -Software -Crypting...
    10. Smart, TNT & Sun IG10 promo still working

      share ko lang itong settings ko sa ig10 promo sabi kasi nila wala na pero gumagana pa naman sakin hanggang ngayon. Payload: Timpla: PUT, back inject, online host, forward host, keep alive HTTP Net Header gamit ko..try niyo nalang sa injector
    11. Tutorial Free data fäcébóók

      Hello guys May share lang ako sa inyo Sana maka tulong No need load follow step requirement Face book app Browser Here the step Step 1 Kailangan po naten bukasan si face book app kailangan dapat nka free data siya para kumagat ung tricks At kailangan close app nyu siya pag natingnan nyu na...
    12. Media It's my Graduation Day 🎓

      Good Day ka crackers Sana established nko after ng graduation mamaya😂 Congrats to me.
    13. Tutorial Remote proxy hunt!!!

      Good PM kacrakers, Eto ang tut para sa mga naghahanap ng working remote proxy by hunting and keep patience on. Dahil di madali maghanap. Magagamit nyo yan for smart lte no load needed. Yan gamit ko hanggang ngayun. Not working to globe just only Smart Lte lang sa ngayun...
    14. Tutorial Earn Bitcoin With Google Chrome

      Una kailangan niyo ng account kung wala pa magregister kayo dito Magregister lang kayo dito sa typehash tapos iwan niyo lang nakabukas yung tab niya kusa na yan mag mamine Pwede rin kayong magregister dito sa cryptotab at idownload ang extension nila sa chrome yung proof popost ko...
    15. 100X origin account /fifa17-bf-tf2/

      http://Please use 👉