1. jmzcrown

    resources Voting System in Visual Basic and MySQL

    Voting System in Visual Basic and MySQL Admin Module Manage Party list (add, update,delete) Manage Course (add, update, delete) Manage Candidate (add, update, delete) Manage Candidate Position (add, update, delete) Manage Student Registration (add, update, delete) Canvassing Module View...
  2. jmzcrown

    Payroll System in Visual Basic and MS Access Source code

    Payroll System in Visual Basic and MS Access Complete Source code Development tools: Visual Basic 6.0 - programming language MS Access - database List of Features: Employee Records Management Employee Position Records Payroll Sheet Module Pay slip Module Loan Informatin Module User Accounts...
  3. jmzcrown

    General Service Office (GSO)

    General Service Office (GSO) Automated Inventory and Monitoring System of Materials and Equipments Menu Structure Home Logout Exit System Information Author Page Query Units Office Accountable Officer Items Receiving Supplies Report Equipment Report Clearance Report (missing, damage...
  4. jmzcrown

    FlexcodeSDK Biometric Source Code VB6

    FlexcodeSDK Biometric Covered lang ako just to share . . . This is sample Demo 2-types of device fingerprint scanner device only compatible. . Digital Persona U.are.U 4500 Digital Persona U.are.U 4000B OS compatible Windows 7, Windows 8 Before running the program You must install first the...
  5. R

    VISUAL STUDIO 2010/ 2013 / 2017 & Visual Basic 6.0 Download Link Free

    Hi guys, share ko lang yung mga link na pwedeng ma download yung Visual Studio at Visual Basic. Kung bago palang po kau sa programming ng vbnet/vb at panay hanap kau ng link kung san pwede maka Download ng mga compiler. eto napo sagot sa tanong nyu :) Visual Studio Express 2010 Edition...

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