1. Vpn ZapnuVPN v3 is now Released! Comeback is real

    Heyy mga ka supporters ng Zapnu VPN Pasenya na kung matagal ko na released ito. Added 5 Singapore Servers from Digital Ocean! Download Link: -=Stripped Content=- Salamat mga ka supporters! Credits -Renzo Lanes Barba (Source Code) -And to all of you! More po
  2. Vpn ZapnuVPN V3 is almost done!

    Please Stay updated for my post.. irerelease ko din to not now but soon! Fast Servers!! Smooth UI Material Theme! Just stay Updated!
  3. Vpn ZapnuVPN V2 Now with OVPN/SSH/SSL

    Zapnu VPN v2 By : PH Cracker Underground Just create your own Account to our PANEL Supported Networks -Globe/TM -Smart -Sun -TnT DOWNLOAD LINK ?Whats New: - Online Update - 10 Premium Server - SSH , OVPN ,SSL - Custom Account - ANTIBLOCK #Credits to : Phcrackers...

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