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JMG Sound Orbitron 1.1

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Simple modulation can be boring and tedious. But imagine you could fluently crossfade between four various modulation effects so that each bar would sound different. Or blend the four effects together to create something unique. That is the approach only Orbitron can offer.Key Features:
The heart
Orbitron is a multi-FX modulation plugin. It can be used to breathe life onto your instruments with subtle organic variations, fatten up your synth sounds with rich evolving unisons or create out of this world rhythmical spinning resonances for complete creative chaos. Say goodbye to boring and lifeless sounds and inject some movement into your music.

Advanced FX morphing
The main circle in the centre of the plugin morphs between the 4 FX sections. It can be modulated in sync with your DAW for musical timing, set to random for subtle variations and organic movements or in manual mode that lets you blend between the 4 sections to find the perfect sweet spot.

Circular feedback
There is a unique circular feedback network that feeds the signal from each FX section into the next and then back round again and again. This cool effect can be used with just one simple knob. There is also a size knob to adjust the delays of the feedback loops. This effect can add anything from short metallic resonances to lush evolving reverb.

12 multi-modes
Each of the 4 FX sections can be set to one of 12 modes, including choruses, flangers, phaser, special filters and more. You can use 4 completely different modes and blend between them to create a hybrid, or use 4 of the same and create subtle differences in each section to make super-rich modulations.

Need to go simpler?
Orbitron at its heart blends and modulates between 4 FX at once, however, you can always take the step back to simple modulation. Each section sounds perfect on its own and sometimes this will be exactly what you need. For this, there is a solo switch in each section, that disables the other 3 sections. This will also be much more CPU efficient than using 4 processors at once.

Tons of presets
Orbitron comes with a huge number of presets made by top producers and sound designers. They're grouped conveniently into categories, such as, "Solo" for presets that only use 1 FX section, "Multi" that uses 4 different FXs of similar type and "Hybrid" that creatively fuse very different FX.


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